Battling Barmaids

Welcome to the Battling Barmaids web page. A page that is here to honour the beauties that keep us plied with our favorite tipple, in our favorite bars. More than that, It's also a page where fantasy wrestling and catfights between barmaids are arranged. Each month on this site at least one fight will be posted. Then It's up to you to vote for who you think would win. Why not enter your favorite barmaid into the fray by sending me her photo.
Although primarily a competition for barmaids, maybe you would love to see your wife or girlfriend take on one of our girls,or a local barmaid. Email me with your suggestions. I also hope tohave a stories page about the fights again contributions would bewelcome. I hope you enjoy this site, participate and come back again soon. Want to see who won last months fight between Vikki and Kate? Then click on the Rubicon

Meet the Contestantsin fight No2
2 Hot Blondes in a submission wrestling match.

Welcome Debbie to Battling Barmaids. Debbie is 22 years old. She has never wrestled before, but is into sports. She is ultra competitive and is looking forwardto the challenge of meeting Pauls in the ring. She has been practising down at the gymand has picked up a few moves from the other girls. her tactic is to concentrate onmat grappling with Paula and is confident that her skill will over come her opponent.

Debbie's opponent is Paula who is 19. Dont let that innocent look on her face foolyou for a second, because Paula is a wild cat who has enjoyed a few scraps in the past. Paula has wrestled with a couple of girlfriends before and like Debbie is ultra confident in their upcomming bout. Remember which ever girl you are supporting remember to vote for them in our poll

Want to see your girl or local barmaid fight it out at Battling Barmaids!. Email their picture to

Last updated on 7th January 2003